Friday, June 10, 2011

This and That

I have added some 10 - 15 new readers from Zero Hedge (and elsewhere) to my list.  So, I am now up to some 165 or more readers in total.  Welcome!

As I add new readers, especially from Zero Hedge, I will from time to time offer to REMOVE any of you from my list, which I will upon request.  I understand completely anyone wanting to run under the radar.  So far, some six people have asked to be removed, and they are gone!

I would encourage you to stay on the list if you want email updates when I post new articles.  But, if you want OFF, I will take you off, as I have the six I already did.

As before, my pledge to you, dear readers, is not to misuse your email information in any way, not to give it away, etc.  There are some 130 "ZH-ers" (yes some of you came here NOT via ZH).  So, the way I look at it, I am more afraid of you than you should be afraid of me!

And thank you for coming by.


I now have a reader who is thinking of writing on silver!  Yay!  He knows a LOT more than I do.  He may choose to write a series of articles rather than one LONG article.  I think he is right.

Also, while I have (and almost always will avoid) avoided writing directly on politics, I have a friend who knows very well one of the Republican candidates and he is firmly in his camp.  I just invited him to write about his candidate.  Maybe he will!  He is the only friend I have who knows well such a politician.  We will see.

As time goes by I hope to have more experts write nice pieces to educate you and me!

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