Monday, May 30, 2011

The Tinfoil Hat Brigade!

Update: 10:38 PM ET.  I have had the below votes so far as to which Battalion to join:

1 for The Space Battalion (via email)
3 for The Lunatic Fringe Battalion (via comments)

Email or comment votes equally valid.


As many of you know, some three weeks ago I announced at that I had enlisted as a Space Cadet in the Tinfoil Hat Brigade (THB).  That was the day that President Obama refused to release the photos of bin Laden with his brains blown out, and after they put his body into the ocean (so where is the proof we got him?).  That was the tipping point, when I could not take all the lies anymore.


From wikipedia, a guy wearing a tinfoil hat! 

The above is from wikipedia’s article on the tin foil hat.  Wikipedia has a nice (and kind of serious) article on the tin foil hat, but nothing on the Brigade.

Some of you know that I even had my first test while in Basic Training.  My Blue Cross – Blue Shield (BCBS, oh how appropriate) insurance bill arrived.  They jacked up their rates 15%!  I passed the test by opting for a plan (with a high deductible) that was almost 50% cheaper.

I must say, things are pretty disorganized here in the THB.  My main effort to date to get into the spirit of things here in the Brigade has been to listen to Pink Floyd.  Two of their songs have helped some.

As I write, I have had only one Superior offer any guidance.  He ordered me to start my own Division.  And asked me for 10 oz of silver.   This guy is clearly a High Ranking Member of the THB, as HE asked ME for money…   Also, a Division is larger than a Brigade.  But, in my email back to him I wrote that we may be Legion…

I am hoping for more input from the Superiors whom I know.

But, now I must ask for suggestions from any of you Superiors out there who I do not know:

1)  I would like your opinions on which battalion to join: The Space Battalion (my original intention, looks like a fun one) or perhaps The Lunatic Fringe Battalion (also promising) or any other suggestions would be very welcome.

2)  I need some help in finding ways of getting more into the spirit of things around here.

3)  A map or Order of Battle of our Brigade.

If I get Comments or emails from any of you, there will likely be a Part 2…


In the meantime (boy, do I hope all of this works).

Update, below coding no good re The Tin Foil Hat Brigade.  I am really having trouble with this HTML stuff...

<div><embed style='display:inline;' quality='high' wmode='transparent' id='FlashDiv' FlashVars='songId=35098386&pid=4912749406810784011' AllowScriptAccess='always' src='' width='400' height='77'/><p>Find more <a target='_blank' href=''>The Tin Foil Hat Brigade</a> songs at <a target='_blank' href=''> Myspace Music </a></p></div>

^----  Song from The Tin Foil Hat Brigade band!  Google them, they are at

<iframe width="425" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

or copy and paste into your browser:

^----  From Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”

Thanks for dropping by dear readers!


  1. Like I was saying, this:
    is a useful reference. I believe it is the authoritative reference on html. Of course web pages these days use a lot of other stuff, some of it proprietary. Javascript, PHP, Flash, etc.

    HTML 5 is out now, but anything you write in HTML 4 is pretty much guaranteed to work.

  2. I've got to go with the Lunatic Fringe
    Lunacy can be exciting and I like fringe.

  3. Lunatic Fringe - and you can add the 80's classic from Red Rider:

    I've been RIF'd recently and the BCBS COBRA coverage per month would cost $1,440 per month. That works out to ~$8.35 and hour full time (2080 hours per year). Yeah right, like people could afford that.

  4. I was considering quiting my job and going on my wife's health insurance until we found out that it would cost... wait for it.. $2100 per month! Needless to say I'm staying at my job.

    As far as the foil goes, the Silver Liberation Army had some really big time tin foil stuff in their last publication. HAARP, O'bummers trip to his his homeland!?! and other interesting items.

    I officially cast my vote for Lunatic Fringe. I believe nothing and trust very few. Whenever there is an article or such about convincing family members, that's me. My wife and kids are on board but the rest look at me like I'm nucking futs.

  5. Vernon, $2100 / month is outfrigginrageous, yeah, stay working.

    I am beginning to think the THB is even more fractured than I had earlier thought. The SLA? HAARP? They must be in a different battalion, oh I see... They are Silver Liberation ARMY, different unit! Whew!

    Now I will update the Post with your vote No. 3.

  6. DIYer. Computer programming was like the hardest thing I had to do in college (DECADES ago). It never "clicked" for me. I can do SQL alright though (after a lot of self-study and an Oracle course).

    I probably have to buy the "Blogging for Dummies" and "HTML for Dummies" books... Ugh.


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