Monday, May 30, 2011

Notes for Readers on my Blog

I am really very happy with the response to my blog, especially from the large number of readers from ZeroHedge (about 100 now).

(1)  I put out a Call to Arms re Commenting!  Many of my readers are having problems posting comments, even when they have Google accounts (something like 1/2 from ZH are .gmail).  I especially ask my virtual friend T.M. who was able to comment via Open ID to show us how.  I do not know how to do that.  Would you (or someone else) tell us how to do that?  I will write a special post with such instructions... Thanks in advance!  The above Call to Arms is the closest color, FYI, I could get to gold...

(2)  The people writing in my Comments sections are almost all via ZH.  Two people have asked to be removed from my email list (and I did just that).  Although I would encourage you to stay on the list, I am perfectly OK with people even more paranoid than I am, and will take you off the list if you request, although it might take a day or two to do it (the list is at home and at my office).  But, I will comply with all such requests.

(3)  Similar to (2) above, I will not abuse the email list or any of you in any way.  Zero Hedge was set up especially for those wanting to comment in an anonymous way, and I will not violate the trust you have shown in me, especially by having made you jump through the hoops to get here.

(4)  I am not going to take ads.  Nor donations.

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