Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Have Widgets

                                        ^---- Right up there at the very top! ----^

Jason suggested I go to to get the HTML coding for widgets for my blog.  But, I could not find them there at kitco!  So, I looked at some other precious metals pricing widgets and selected those from (note the "h" in there).  24hgold is a good site!  Probably my favorite of the gold price sites because they have good articles.  Thank you, Jason, you started me down a good trail! also has a handy widget of its own that they do with eBay.  There, the "paper gold" (and silver) prices are compared with actual live prices at eBay.  It also calculates the premium of eBay bullion coins in percentages.  Gold Eagles are typically 6% - 11% over spot, Silver Eagles are typically 20% - 30% over spot.

I was NOT able to find any decent US$ (only) widgets or a decent S&P 500 widget.  I ask you my readers to suggest a decent S&P 500 widget or a decent US$ Index widget.

Or any other widget that might be FUN.  If I like it, up it goes.  Fun widgets are subject to change of course!

Your comments on helping me to make my blog a better place are most welcome!

Finally, because I can so clearly see the gold price from my blog (and also because the song is great) I steal an idea from FOFOA!  To post Youtube videos to help keep you coming back.  I even stole the song he put up in April.  Thanks FOFOA, you have been a great help in so many ways!

<a href="";>

Bah, the coding did not work this time, no blue.  Copy and paste the below into your browser, I just tried that and it works:

or better yet, rob the Master himself:

Many of you got this from me last April.  Do not worry, I will be putting up many videos and songs of different types in coming posts.

All of this is new for me, I am learning something new every day now...


  1. Haha, splinter blog!

    Widgets are good.

    (different handle here; "Urban Roman" over there)

  2. widgets bichez!

    (yes...I'm gonna be that guy here)

  3. widgets bichez!
    Oy ..

    Just had a look at the widgets over at Jesse's place. I have no idea what all that javascript does. Good luck with that, Robert. Tried running some of them in a little edit window but didn't get any satisfaction. Widgets are not simple any more.


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