Friday, May 27, 2011

Learning about putting photos in my blog

If these photos are copyrighted, I will remove them immediately upon request.  I got these photos from Google.  Kindly email me at if you want any image removed.

The below are American Gold Eagle 1 oz bullion coins.  All the precious metals images are apparently from the Public Domain.

Below is a Gold Eagle, a Silver Eagle and a Platinum Eagle

    Below are pictures of bearings!

Below are pictures of bearings!

                                      Bearings from China --
                 ^-----  a tapered roller bearing, used in wheels of cars.

Animation of ball bearing

Copied from wikipedia, an animation of dirt in a ball bearing, look carefully to see the red spot (dirt) on ONE of the steel balls --->


    1. Of course some of the other interesting parameters are thrust (forces in and out of the page) and torque along any axis other than the one around which the races revolve.

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