Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Big Welcome to my ZeroHedge Visitors!

OK, I was kind of a troll the way I handled my fishing expedition in pimping my blog..., but:

About 100 of you have figured out how to get a hold of me and asked to be let in to view my blog.  About 96 were "approved", I am still waiting on a tiny number to give me a little more information like you all did.  I have no way of knowing how many of you as individuals have visited, I do not know enough about Blogger or blogging to have figured that out, people who Comment are a way I can test the "temperature" here, if you will.


Update, 11:49 PM ET

There are 89 of you ZeroHedge visitors who got officially welcomed here!  Each of you got a test email minutes ago.


Thanks for jumping through the hoops to come.

Please keep in mind that I am not an expert in anything.  I do voice my opinions though!  I do try to keep up on issues of interest to me however.  I am DEFINITELY going to write more on financial topics than I had earlier thought.  But, there will be lots of other kinds of stuff too.  And depending on how many Comments (and what kinds) I get will influence the directions this blog will go.  For example, in my Poetry and Haiku article (below) I had sort of expected a bigger response.  One of the Comments had a great Haiku, you should go check his...  But, someone else told my poetry was bad (well, yes).  I can only plead that it was written in  my youth (I was around 40 or so then).

100 people means I have to go and copy your emails and put them somewhere (Notepad is what am using now), so it will take some time before I can send out mass email notifications that there are new posts up.

100 of you also means that you are almost TRIPLE the number of the people I send out jokes to (my "People OK w/ Ethnic Jokes List").  Most of family and friends are on that joke list, and that is one of my ways of keeping in touch with them.  I had figured that they would all come running breathlessly over here to see my blog, but most have not, too busy.  Too busy...  An article idea?  What say you Cognitive Dissonance?  (Oh, did I just drop a name here?  The Host of this blog is a troll!!!)

I am very happy to have done the work to do this.  About 10 or so of my friends and family had earlier replied to me that yes, I should do a blog.

I will probably "dial back" the intensity though.  I have been doing little else since last Monday.  I really do need to go get last week's bearing sales data and get it into my database...

Thank you again for visiting.  Remember, as I have mentioned, that I am doing this to serve my readers and to try to learn more about things I am interested in.


  1. Racking up the numbers, Robert. You told me mine was one of the stranger requests. I was trying to be oblique, and quoted my zh handle. I didn't think much when you mentioned SHTF, but after reading your blog I find we have quite similar tastes in reading, and website(Rawles). Why and what are you going to "dial back" I say dial it up a little. Cheers

  2. Hey Robert, I read your post on TEOTWAWKI. If you haven't read Johngaltfla's blovelle "The day the dollar died" you should. It's a pretty good read. The writing is not great but the story is interesting. Also, I just finished "Alas, Babylon" and it was a pretty good read as well. "One second after" is still the best. I've read it maybe 5 or 6 times over the years. Rawles does have a good site but I can only read so many 'raising chickens' articles.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. One of my suggestions to keep a blog going is to give one update of "importance" per day, and perhaps give a couple of smaller ones. Turd Fergison has done quite well following this model.

    I enjoy the wide variety of interests, but you just hit a blind spot with the poetry post. Avoid that and trigonometry and you will probably have interest from me.

    One thing I would like to see is a detailed post on your business. Not giving away trade secrets or anything, just a "state of the industry" sort of thing. In order to post tables such that they line up correctly, I would suggest you make them in excel and save them as an image. If you are unable to upload images here (you should be able to, my mother had a blog a while back and she was able to upload pics every day), you should be able to upload them to any of a number of image sharing sites, and link it directly.

  4. Vernon: I DID read Johngaltfla's series, yes it was very good!

    Thomas: I was going to write something on our business there in Peru, as it IS an interesting business, at least for me. I could also write a general "State of the Bearing Industry" as well. I would have to do some more research on that, I could not just "wing it" like I did my "Gold, Bitchez, Part 1" while waiting on my wife's flight to arrive there at the airport...

    Thomas again: OK, no trig! That kind of surprises me, you being a scientist. I LOVE math, but complicated math (anything beyond Probability, Calculus III, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, etc.) is now too hard for me!

  5. Ironically, I am REALLY good at calculus. But trig just never made intuitive sense to me. I can DO it, but I don't UNDERSTAND it, like I do algebra, calculus, etc.

    Happily, as the saying goes, all the math you need as a chemist is the ability to count to 8.


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