Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Haiku and Poetry, Open Forum!

This was the next piece I was going to submit until I heard today about the passing of Mark Haines.

With that, please check genuine original material of haiku and poetry, written years ago.  I do not do this kind of thing, hardly at all!  That's why I thought I would get it out, before these were gone for good.

A Bad Year

Wart, 'roid, busted disc
So, what could the problem be?
Two Thousand and Three!


The Rusted Busted Cone        (a part of a type of a wheel bearing)

Cold December day
'Cross the parking lot I see
Pick it up, looked, clank!


El Rodamiento Chino              (The Chinese Bearing, in Spanish)

Es importante recordar
Que no lo puedo garantizar
Pero, si la calidad es suficiente,
Compraré más, de repente!


Please everyone, if you have poetry to contribute, please do!

Thanks for dropping by...


  1. I never "got" poetry. I prefer prose, as you might imagine.

  2. Television man
    Talking head gibbering on
    Or off as may be

  3. First gold last week...tiny little bugger, but I like it. Starting to conceptualize all purchases in terms of silver. Hard to blow money on crap when you realize its another ounce you could hold. Shame I didnt start before my personal fall from lucrative employment, but now that Im a lowly peon again, I try to put my meager scraps into PMs.

  4. Oh yeah, just for information sake...I store all my PMs on a very decrepit boat.

  5. Doh! Posted under the wrong blog entry. Oh well, doomed to obscurity.

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