Sunday, May 29, 2011

Too Busy...!

I started my blog last Monday, and I have put in perhaps 65 hours working on it and managing related emails (emails mostly with you, my kind readers from ZH).  I NEVER work like that anymore!  I am usually the guy who has more time than anyone else...

During the past week, I have asked many people (Facebook, my email lists, ZH-ers) to go look at my blog!  Some (mostly friends and family) have said they are "too busy..."

Some DO have very good reasons (moving, two women I know who run businesses on their own, my wife who is always busy, etc.).  The others I do not really know WHY they are SO BUSY.

For now I am BUSY!

What about you?  Is almost everyone you know Too Busy as well?

Why?  Is this an indicator of the complexity in which we are all enmeshed?  (For example, I just renewed my passport, it was MUCH more arduous this time than 10 years ago -- Oh, and I get the chip in my new passport)

I just signed my wife up on Facebook.  I went on Facebook maybe 6 weeks ago.  To sign her up, 6 weeks later, was MUCH harder than before!  EVERY time I go to the doctor (etc.), I have to fill out more, and more complicated, forms...

I would be curious to know whether this is just me ("Normalcy Bias") or whether this is a larger problem.  Please comment...


  1. Seems like a confluence of the need for personal security (fear) and the demand for your eyeballs / clicks (greed). People are recognizing that they have been cavalier with their families digital identities and corporate digital profits are predicated on continuing verification that your consummability is real.

  2. Thanks for your two comments Dimeboy. I comment back re your other comment.

    Your key words were: "with no heirs". I think even FOFOA would say "OK: get silver!"

    In a TEOTWAWKI, I agree, silver would be better as a barter currency. If things just get BAD, but society remains intact, etc., then gold might be the better bet to buy a monopoly business (if you are in a small town for example) or something like an apartment building for just a few oz of gold.

    I am waiting for the right moment to inflict the gold vs. silver debate. Not for AT LEAST a few days though.

  3. a gold v silver debate ? I can think of no better way to get a community that is 99% like minded at each others throat than to throw open such a discussion :)

    have at it

  4. Way to busy and achieving not nearly enough here!!


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