Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to Comment via Open ID

Virtual friend Thomas M. provides the below instructions on how to use Open ID to comment.  It does seem to have some hoops to jump through, alas.  Almost EVERYTHING has gotten much harder to do, requiring more and more time (See my earlier article "Too Busy...").

Thomas M. writes (and, yes, Blogger sometimes "eats Comments"..., FOFOA recently had 140 comments eaten on his blog):

Weird, I posted it in the thread before this, but the comment disappeared. Wish I had cut and pasted it, as it was a bit involved.

Anyways, here it is again: start by going to openid.net Click on "Get OpenID". There you will find a list of services that are compatible with openID. Make sure you have an account with one of them. You can click on the link to the service you want to use for more detailed info regarding that particular one.

After that, come to this or some other blogspot blog. Type out your comment (and copy it into your clipboard just in case!). Below the comment field, click "Select profile" and hit "OpenID". It will ask you for a URL. For most services (I think--it is for yahoo), it is the homepage, IEwww.yahoo.com The link from openid.net should have the specifics.

After you have typed that, it should appear in the "comment as:" box. Hit "Post comment". You will be taken to the website you will be logging in under to confirm. Once you do that, you will have to fill out a captcha. That should be all you have to do.


Thank you very much!  I hope that this makes it easier (?) to Comment here.


  1. Commenting gets easier after you have set your preferences. You only have to go to that other website the first time to get the basic info.

    Let us see if the machine eats my comment this time...

  2. I have never had issues commenting using my Google ID (aside from the occasional lost post), but some have had issues which they attribute to checking the 'Stay signed in' box on the Google and/or Blogger login page. Try signing in, but NOT checking that box.

  3. I've used Google ID successfully as well. And I'm no computer guru by any stretch...:)


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