Friday, July 29, 2011

$1626 And $14 Trillion Plus And a New FOFOA Article

I have been following with dismay that the Tea Party Republicans were not able to stop what looks like will result in a BAD DEAL for the American people re extending the Debt Ceiling and not making any spending cuts.  I am unable to comment on the machinations in Washington, but I doubt that many of us are going to like what we see perhaps on Monday

There is a nice image three articles down on what $15 trillion in $100 bills looks like.

The debt widget above shows we are soon to crack the debt per taxpayer to $119,000.


So, gold continues up a bit, to $1626 now.

As you all know, I do not see an easy way out of our mess.  The main question is how the pain will come down on us, and who will suffer the most.

I would also like to know Cui bene (Who benefits)...


FOFOA has a new article up at his blog:

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