Saturday, July 16, 2011

I am Considering Writing a Blog or Two on the Bearing Business

And I would like to see any comments or emails on the subject of this endeavor.

I fully understand that almost all of you are interested in GOLD, investing, survival preparation and so on.

I am interested in your comments or emails because I would like to know how to go about making a more commercial blog...  I actually have two ideas:

1)  writing a blog in Spanish oriented for our company there in Peru.  They would then email out messages to our Peruvian customers about bearings we sell (within Peru only).  Nobody here at this blog would get this kind of stuff, it would be solely our Peruvian customers (who have email...).  It would be about our brands, new items, interchange information (eg, SKF No. = KBC No.), bearing applications (6007-RS is the front wheel bearing for Daewoo Tico), etc.  Kind of technical and promotional to entice our customers to buy more from Ameru.  No emails would go to any of you!

2)  writing a blog in English about bearings in general, but probably focusing a bit on the bearing brands we sell there in Peru.  This would be oriented to the world as a whole, and if this blog were to be successful,  I would seek ads!  A lot of material would be bearing news, technical information (as in the blog I propose for Peru), interchange info, etc.  Again, no emails would go to any of you!

These two ideas have occured to me because I am plowing my way through a VERY INTERESTING new book:  In the Plex (Steven Levy).  It is a detailed history to date of Google.  Google is really something..., immense...

Again, I am just fishing for ideas and suggestions.  I will NOT bother any of you with emails about either blog should I do this.

I thank you very much for any suggestions!

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