Monday, July 25, 2011

I Have Silver Articles by Other Authors Coming Soon!

What the title sez...

At least one will be a link (lots of graphics that probably would not come through as a blog article), one will be a chapter from a book (and I will fully cite the author) and the other looks like will be written by another author.

I will review each one again before posting them here.  While none is EXACTLY "The Case for Silver", the three articles will give silver a fair shot at convincing those skeptical of silver as the "right" PM.  Although most of you know I like all the PMs, I like gold the best.

Maybe the next article "in this space" after I put up the silver articles will be one or more on platinum (and maybe palladium)...  THOSE metals are of great interest as well.  Metals in general are interesting...  If I had had the brains and not have been such a lazy student in college all those years ago, I could have majored in Material Science, a truly interesting patch in the universe of science.

And I will not forget my beloved gold nor the rare earth metals!  We have such a great universe of knowledge from which to choose, I want to be there with you all as we navigate through these treacherous times.

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