Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Trip to Peru

Junior Blogger Robert found a way to edit this from here!  Learn something new every day!

***  New readers would probably like to read my June article (in the archives at the right) ¨Ameru Trading del Peru S.A.¨ to have a better understanding of this piece today  ***

Two events of note for anyone interested.  My niece turned 25 the other day, and we had a splendid meeting with Mr. Maekawa, the president of his bearing manufacturing company in Japan.


On my second night here, we celebrated my niece´s birthday at a Chinese buffet that evening here in Lima, here are two photos:

In the above photo are (front) Nestor (Denise´s boyfriend) and Denise, happy 25th birthday Denise!  In the back are her parents Cesar and Lily, who run our business here, Ameru Trading del Peru S.A.

In the above photo are Denises´s sister Viviana and brother Gonzalo and in the back at right is Lily´s (and my wife´s) brother Oscar.

You single guys need to think about coming to Peru...  Hey it worked out well for me!

Here are three photos from our meeting with Mr. Maekawa.

The first is in our conference room (left to right: Cesar Rodriguez (our General Manager), Roberto Arce (Sales Manager), Robert Mix, and Mr. Kazuyoshi Maekawa (president of Maekawa Bearing located in Osaka, Japan):

The above photo was taken in our warehouse.  Left to right are Cesar Rodriguez, Mr. Maekawa, Robert Mix and Roberto Arce.  Lily took the photo.

The below picture shows Robert Mix, Kazuyoshi Maekawa and Cesar Rodriguez in front of our company´s building!  The brand images are hard to see in the billboard at the top, but they are KBC, Iljin and MBS (Mr. Maekawa´s brand).

The picture above shows the view from Cesar´s window (overlooking Avenida Benavides).  The dark gray van going to the right in the foreground is the Hyundai model H-1 ¨Gran Starex¨ (which we do not have in the USA).  The front wheel bearing of that van is an unusual piece we buy from Iljin.  There are very few others who make this hub & bearing assembly, yet the H-1 is very popular in Peru.  So popular that we have sold over 200 pcs in just two weeks (at $70 each)...

Careful observers have probably noted the steel spikes (¨puas¨ in Spanish) mounted on top of the walls of Ameru Trading.  This is theft deterrence and is very common in Latin America.  We also have the place alarmed and with serious doors and locks.  Physical security against robbers is very important in places like Peru.

And how could I not show a picture of the car that hepled make us a serious bearing company there in Peru?  The below picture (my timing was bad, alas) shows a little yellow car, partly obscured by the streetlamp pole.  It is the Daewoo Tico.  Anyone who read my June article ¨Ameru Trading del Peru S.A.¨ may recall that we have sold (in 12 and 1/2 years) over $1,000,000 worth of the front wheel bearing of the Daewoo Tico!

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