Monday, July 25, 2011

Silver Article, Maybe Two Coming Soon, Meanwhile

On this day of possibly a record high for gold, I offer you something a little different.

Please enjoy this xtranormal video that my great virtual friend Cyndi (Nuestra Perla del Pacifico) sent me:

To my knowledge this is not up at ZH yet.  If you hang in there until the end, you can see where they would like to "retire", LOL...


I am working with two readers who know more than I do re silver.  It will help balance out my strong bias to gold.  Reading and learning is a great thing!

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  1. "Tomorrow is option expiration on the Comex. I hear that there are quite a few call options open around the 1600 strike. So we would expect the price of gold to get hammered down below 1600 sometime this week.

    "When options are in the money, they are converted into open futures contracts. So there may be a lot of new holders of futures contracts who get a stiff gut check on Wednesday through Friday, if it does not come tomorrow."


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