Thursday, July 21, 2011

Suffering Severely From Occasional Attacks

of paranoia and stress, I would ask that reader "Sue Donim" please explain (only if you choose to, curiosity more than the title of this article would indicate, I just wanted a dramatic sounding title...).

I was so curious as to how you managed to arrive here, when I had tried to make everyone else I did not know (zerohedge) jump through hoops that I looked everywhere I could think of to see how you joined my readership.

Via FOFOA maybe?  Or are you here via a pseudonym (ha!  took me a while to catch that pun, very sly!)?  Or is a careful Google search good enough?

Like I said, just curious!  Your congenial host would like to know...  Thanks if you choose to let me know, if you DO let me know, but want your method kept secret, I will respect that.


  1. Hi just, checked in again after a few days and stumbled across your post. Happy to tell you how I found it, but I'll leave it up to you as to whether I post it here or not (not sure how to contact privately). Let me know what you prefer.

  2. Wait, I found your email. Will reply separately. Didn't mean to be cryptic (or nosy).


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