Thursday, July 21, 2011

The US Debt Clock Widget Above

I put this widget up because I believe the US aggregate debts are astronomically high.  I DO UNDERSTAND that the debt as calculated in the widget is perhaps 3% or 4% different than other USA debt calculations I have seen elsewhere.

The widget, of course, does not include future liabilities (Medicare and Social Security for example).  Those future liabilities may increase the actual total debt up to some $70 trillion by some estimates.

If the above widget is BAD (more than, say, 5% off), please let me know.

Otherwise, I would like to keep it...  As the old saying from England goes:

"Our debts and our sins are greater than what we imagine."

Or close!

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  1. Thanks for making the widgets available. FYI, the code for the US Debt Clock widget is incomplete.

    I just did a view source and copied the code from the area of the displayed clock.


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