Saturday, July 30, 2011

Borders, In Pace Recquiescat

Continuing my somber theme this weekend, yesterday and the day before I went to Borders (the big box bookstore chain) that is now going bankrupt.

And I don't mean Chapter 11, where they can reorganize and become viable again.  These guys are GONE!  Yesterday and the day before I went to two different ones, EVERYTHING is 20% - 40% off (I went to buy books for cheap).  Yesterday I heard employees talking...  They were not Borders employees, they were LIQUIDATORS.  Even the fixtures are for sale.  There will be nothing left.

I always liked Borders better than Barnes & Noble (close though).  Borders, back in the crazy .com days, had a better selection of computer books...


Anyone telling you that the economy is getting better is wrong.  New revisions of data were released yesterday, all marked DOWNWARD.  Read Alan Abelson (Barron's) today: Main St. is not getting better.  Alan Abelson's article is titled: "Dire Omen".  He is the first guy you read when starting in on Barrons.

I hope Barnes & Noble can hang in there.  Lounging for hours at a bookstore is one of my favorite things.

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