Sunday, July 17, 2011

As Gold Edges to $1600...

The week promises to be interesting, as I read at Zero Hedge that Europe is sliding deeper into a debt crisis, it now seems like their banks have a lot of non-performing REGULAR loans, not just shaky sovereign debt.  And we don't have too much time to be rid of the Kabuki Debt Limit Theater here in the USA.

So, we will see how soon gold crosses $1600.  I was at Turd Ferguson's site (awesome) just awhile ago, some of his commentators are saying there could very well be a push by TPTB to take it back to $1500 or even lower.  We will see.

I added the US Debt widget above, thanks to and to Turd.  Perspective...  If gold makes its massive FOFOA-style run, I'll pay my share as a taxpayer...  Couple of ounces, ha ha!  Hey, IRS!  Here ya go!

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