Monday, July 4, 2011

Two Great Minds With Eerily Similar Thoughts on Gold

I posted the below today at Zero Hedge, at their gold article right after "Spitzer".  I had just read FOFOA's September 2008 remarks while rooting around there earlier today.

His remark (quoted below) reminded me of something absolutely brilliant that another ZH-er ("Acidtest Dummy") once wrote, that Au uses carbon, both in its hydrocarbon and human forms, to gather itself into ever larger lumps.

by DoChenRollingBearing
on Mon, 07/04/2011 - 17:48

A little off topic, but I know Spitzer will enjoy this.
I was rooting around in older FOFOA articles and encountered the below quotation, which matches almost exactly what ZH-er "Acidtest Dummy" once wrote, a brilliant comment.  FOFOA wrote in Sept. 2008:
"The way "the deal" was supposed to work was that the CB's would have to use little to none of their own gold, but instead keep the price just above production costs for mines so that "oil" could take it's gold right out of the ground. The supply from the mines would be supplemented by gold going from the private sector to "oil" as well."
Acidtest Dummy wrote words to the effect that Au uses carbon, in both hydrocarbon and human forms, to gather itself together in ever larger lumps.  When I first saw Acid's remark, it electrified me...

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